The Easiest Way To Diversify In Crypto

VF Invest is the easiest way to diversify in crypto by giving you the ability to invest in sector portfolios and individual cryptocurrencies. The platform is non-custodial, and decentralized meaning we never hold your assets. The user is also in full control of deposits & withdrawals. For the first time ever, stop worrying about accounts on multiple exchanges. It’s time to diversify in seconds, while maintaining full control over your assets! VF Invest will be available on Iphone and Android apps.

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Not your keys not your crypto.

Today many investors run the risk of losing their assets by parking them on cryptocurrency exchanges. VF Invest is a non-custodial wallet which stores your private and public keys on your phone. We never have access to any of your assets. Our onboarding process helps you safely store your keys, so you can restore your holdings if a phone is broken or stolen

We support 100+ different cryptos.

To become fully diversified, we will provide support for 100+ coins out of the box. We are sick and tired of users navigating all over the place to become diversified! VF Invest plans to continue adding new coins based on user feedback.

Rebalance your portfolio in seconds

Whether you're involved in individual cryptocurrencies, sector portfolios, or both - our platform gives you the ability to rebalance holdings. This ensures a well weighted portfolio based on your desired allocation.

Automatic Exchange Routing.

By using our built in exchange aggregators and algorithms, we are able to on-board and structure your portfolio around some of the lowest execution fees in the industry. Increase your rate of return by lowering your upfront costs.

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